Attendance Solutions


Biometric time and attendance system are gaining immense popularity day by day as it possesses a number of benefits. This system has the capability to trace a person’s unique fingerprints, hand shape or face shape, iris this system makes sure that the employees cannot clock in for one another. Because of its excellence biometric system is gaining its foothold in most of the offices and private farms. Not only is private sectors government bodies are also taking initiates to install this biometric time and attendance system to track the entry and exit hours of the employees. There are a number of benefits have found of installing the fingerprint time attendance software which is why this system is spreading its claws in almost every working sector.

To prevent proxy attendance and access control security system this biometric software is mandatory. This smart system enables you to eliminate buddy punching or proxy attendance. To get approved by biometric machine one needs to share his or her unique physical features such as fingerprints, iris which are nearly impossible to replicate or share.


An Accurate Option


Since biometric credentials are unique for everyone and are unable to be duplicated or forged, biometric identification is the most accurate option to identify an employee. This type of technology will help business’s accurately track employee attendance and time. The benefits of biometrics for accuracy don’t stop there. With this technology in place, it will also eliminate cases of leaving early, arriving late or unauthorized overtime.

Payroll deduction: Leave management and attendance are connected to payroll which is a very essential. A biometric system stays connected to your HRM software and access control system. These special features allow your team to eliminate mistakes related to payroll processing.


Low cost


When the whole system is based on the biometric system you do not need to worry about the extra cost of chip cards which later turn out to be costly. This is because most of the employees often lose their cards or they abscond both of which is quite a common issue these days.


Increased Productivity


With biometric clocks in place, the need to keep time manually is eliminated. This saves employees time, reduces staffing overhead and provides an accurate picture of labor data to the payroll department. This helps to effectively manage the overall business operations and will lead to an increase in productivity.


Increased Return on Investment (ROI)


When a company implements the use of a biometric time clock, it will help it achieve a positive ROI. This is done by eliminating employee theft, eliminating buddy punching and a number of other problems caused by loopholes and inaccuracies in the older types of attendance and time keeping systems. These old systems cause many businesses to lose quite a bit of money, year after year.